Garage Made Organized

This garage project happened on the arrival end of a move. Antiques, sporting equipment, tools, seasonal items and evidence of several hobbies were hauled out of one house and dropped in another. It was probably the last project the new homeowner would get to! Two days, 12 shelves and three organizers later, this garage is a rolling, active environment a lot like going into a retail store and picking out what you like. We used heavy duty Trinity Ecostorage Wire Shelves with wheels. First we consult with you to see what your goals are, then we make a bigger mess and gently sift it into bins and boxes and label it all. Then we give you the grand tour. Nothing is discarded without your expressed approval. You get the peace, serenity and joy of a spa treatment for your garage. Call Janet today for a consultation and estimate for your project.

Event Planning

Your next big event could be a lot easier with a Project Manager. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Janet will help you build a comprehensive list, get key events in the calendar and create a flow diagram so that key items that impact other items get done first.

It begins with listening to you and aligning your vision for the project with your budget. Janet uses her extensive network to find trusted talent in the community to bring your event together to your satisfaction. You want the best DJ, caterers, photographers, videographers, linens, tents and other rentals. Janet comes in with theme ideas and checklists to make sure you have thought of everything from soup to nuts.

Your Sanctuary

We experience many kinds of stress during the day, some of it is stimulating and some just frays our nerves like long lines at the market or being left on hold forever.If your place has too many things out of place, or there is no place for too many things, it might not be that relaxing to hang out at home. Janet can help you describe and realize the residential or home office environment that will be most productive for you.

The houses we love most are the tidy ones. There might be a lot going in a house such as lots of kids and their friends or a collector of art or books might live there. The houses we love most have some clear surfaces that allow the eye to rest and the imagination to play there.

Janet will help you visualize what you want, set that goal and work toward it. You might be happy with a makeover and quarterly tune-ups, or want to build the habits and techniques for yourself.

Design Follows Function

Create the rooms you always wanted, even if you’re not sure how to describe it. An infusion of color can refresh a room, and subtle changes in texture, reflectivity and lighting. Janet will come in with creative ideas for unused spaces. With increased functionality you need fewer objects in the home. Space design and furniture placement can give you a new experience in your rooms.

Eco Friendly Options

What happens to your unwanted items? First tasks are to prioritize, sort and store. After that Janet will help you decide if the item is an Ebay candidate or you may want to ship things to friends or family. Then you might consider an estate sale or yard sale or posting them as free items on your neighborhood list-serve.

Janet tries to make the landfill burden as light as possible, by guiding any remaining treasures to local charities or several re-use depots in the East Bay. East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse takes materials that are useful to teachers and artists, and Urban Ore takes hardware and furniture, from doors and doorknobs to the kitchen sink and cabinets.

For your convenience, I will take your unwanted items to a local charity.
sort, prioritize, store and resue

Clutter Under Control

You will be able to find key items when you need them! Creating attractive and functional spaces can help you increase productivity. Together you can create order with good storage solutions, fresh ideas and find hidden storage opportunities.

Janet will help you handle those pernicious piles of paper, create filing systems you can work with in paper or digitally. Together you can restore rooms to highly functional and attractive spaces that inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals for your home or home office. Avoid wasting more time looking for important items by making changes in your environment and adding a few simple systems. Contact Janet Flint today and get started on those systems. You may be able to maintain those systems for years on your own, or call her for an annual tune-up!

Inventory Organizing

Business inventories are a valuable asset that can raise or lower your overhead costs. Occasionally you may need an extra pair of hands and eyes to count and or reorganize inventory. If you have small business with products or a service business with job materials, they can get messy and out of control. Duplicates and outdated items cost you money. And its easier to forecast your future materials requirements if you have it all organized. Send me in for a fast and thorough job, with full reporting in excel format.

Digital Organizing

Get in front of your personal and financial paperwork and digitize it. Go digital and get a jump-start on your financial and personal paperwork. We will take some time together to make sure that the organization formats are your design and specifications, provide an outline and summary of what I accomplished for you. I’ll show you tools to find your files in your digital filing system. Next time you go to your files you get in and get out – with what you want.

Move Management

Have a move coming up and not sure where to start? Take a breath and call an organizer. Janet will help you with comprehensive lists, timelines and priorities. She will break down the lists to things that she can do for you, and other items that require your attention and authority. This move should be a great experience, with fewer worries and more excitement over the new home you are creating.