About Janet

Janet Flint

I found my start as a personal organizer by helping friends. In both homes their paper was out of control, and once they realized what a relief that was, they invited me to help reset other spaces – closets, garages and basements. My professional background includes a lot of data forecasting: in urban planning, water resources and retail sales forecasts. Later contributions included office management and solar power sales management. Lots of my work is still done using Excel spreadsheets, so let me know if you want an introduction to Excel, it’s a great organizing tool.

I greet each organizing challenge with fresh courage and apply my compassion, knowledge and experience to your task. I meet clients where they are, whether it’s a quick clean-up for visitors, unpacking a move, or tackling clutter from years of procrastination, health problems or a personal event where the task of putting things away becomes overwhelming.

I help people focus on their activities, time with friends and family, or building their business. The stuff we have around us should support our activities, instead of our time getting spent managing the stuff

My biggest talent in this work is to get the project into action quickly. We start with a consultation and agree on your goals and the action plan. We can work one-on-one or bring in a team of organizers who work together to bring your vision forward at a faster pace. We want your space to work for you, to be functional and inspiring.

You are always in the driver’s seat, all the decisions and choices are yours. We take great care to make sure your confidence and confidentiality are maintained.

“Listening is the ability to be changed by the other person” – Alan Alda