What to Expect


We offer a free phone consultation to understand your project scope and goals. This is followed by an in-home or in-office consultation to agree on your goals prepare a plan of action. We ask questions about how you use the space, what goes on there now, what would you like to be doing there? Are we preparing for a move or how to make it more beautiful? Do you want help with new processes or routines?


Space and Time and cooperating organizers adhere to the ethics of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and perform services with integrity, competence and confidentiality. We listen for the way you want information and sensitive topics handled.


We work at your pace. Your time is valuable and we want every session to deliver value and results. Clients often want to know how long it will take to finish a project, and that can vary depending on your preferred pace, or if you want to let the organizers run with your instructions at their own pace.

A safe place to get organized

We know everyone has different ideas about what is cluttered and what level of orderly is working just fine. We meet you where you are, understanding your goals and keep the project moving forward, bringing creative problem-solving to every organizing challenge. We keep an open mind and help you work through the tough decisions, offer new skills to stay focused, manage time, routines and tasks. We can work side-by-side with you, or given detailed instructions, our team can move mountains for you, your way

Sort, purge and store

The common goal is to help people make it easy to put things away. Sorting brings all like items together, which makes it easier to know what to keep. We then find artful, functional organizing solutions. Storage solutions are purchased only with client direction.

Letting go

When you decide which items are no longer serving you, there are a number of paths those items can take: the resale market, gifting, donation, recycling and disposal. We help make your decisions happen quickly and recycling done responsibly.

Tidying up

We like to leave the space better than the way we found it, even in the middle of a big job.

No preparation is needed

Truly, there is no need to clean or tidy. We like to see what regular living is like at your place, and understand your challenges. We can bring fresh energy to the task of tidying!

“The more you have the more you are occupied. The less you have the more you are free.” – Mother Theresa