There are many good reasons to downsize…

  • Getting ready for a move?
  • Kids left the nest?
  • Different hobbies and interests now?
  • Desire for more modern and minimalist interior design?
  • Just tired of the clutter and spend too much time looking for things?


The process of downsizing can be pretty exhilarating. We bring fresh eyes and energy, and proven steps that bring structure and results to downsizing projects. We help you decide what’s important, and store it in functional and often beautiful ways.

We help you

  • Get clear about how much space you have for each category
  • Describe what you want that space to look like, how it should feel and function
  • Realize what to keep and what to let go of
  • Decide what to do with memorabilia and how to display or store it
  • Leverage organizing principles
  • Move items up and out to resale, donation or disposal in responsible ways