Janet Flint

Calming the Chaos of Clutter
Get Organized


Our energy plus your goals means more time for what you love. Organizing creates space between things, allowing the purpose of the room or office to shine. Confidential and conscientious help to make things easier to find and put away. Our move services let you focus on your family while we manage the moving and the customized checklists.

Home & Office Organization

One-to-one coaching or one-day makeovers. It’s like a spa treatment for your stuff.

Moving in & Moving out

Senior moves or pack-out for a remodel. Moving doesn’t have to be messy.


Make it easy to put paper away, and know what to keep, scan and toss.

Talk to Janet

Relax. Breathe. Call Janet today. You can stop feeling guilty about unfinished projects and get them done or get them off your calendar. You CAN get more time back in your life and free your mind from the clutter and mess of overflowing paperwork and closets.