“After reading an article in the local (Montclair) paper written by one of my neighbors, I hired Janet Flint to help de-clutter my house.  I had previously tried to improve the situation by myself, then with a friend, but had made no real headway into the problem and felt stuck and overwhelmed.  I was amazed at our quick success in areas that I had previously been unable to tackle. Janet wastes no time digging into problem areas, working logically and systematically to clarify and realize my ideas of what the room should ideally look like.  She is absolutely non-judgmental and respectful of my feelings and my things (and very careful in handling them as well).

Her positive attitude and obvious excitement about getting the results I wanted helped keep me focused and upbeat. Getting rid of our extra, outdated, and broken items was surprisingly painless and simple.

Working with Janet was so pleasant that I hired her to help my husband clear out his study; he was very pleased with the results and, to my surprise, enjoyed the process.  Our house is significantly less cluttered now, and we both feel less overwhelmed by the accumulation of “stuff” and more able to enjoy our space.  I absolutely will hire Janet again when I feel that things are accumulating in our home; I am thrilled that I found someone with such a kind, generous spirit to help me do this work in our personal spaces.”

Kris, Oakland CA

“I am so thankful to Janet. There is no way I could have managed this home remodel project by myself. Here are some of the things Janet took care of:

1. Screened and coordinated contractor interviews

2. Tracked bid and non-bid item costs on detailed spreadsheets

3. Researched and recommended materials to fit with my circa 1940 house

4. Went back and forth to stores to get samples for me to select from

5. Provided design ideas to coordinate with me and the contractor

Janet is a true professional: She got things done, on time, kept me on track, all with a very personal and friendly touch. I work long hours, have a busy personal life, and am clearly not a home designer. I needed a design eye and can-do approach, and Janet clearly delivered and actually made it fun.”

Steve E., Oakland CA

“Janet has been very helpful with many projects over the last two decades. I call on her when I need creativity, party planning, order, sourcing anything, recycling, and decision making. The most recent project Janet did for us was to digitize every piece of paper in our office and house. My husband and I had said for three years we would get it done. We made no start. Then when we decided to move overseas, Janet became central to getting this project done for us and in such a short time, we became paper free. Amazing. You can give her the outline of what you want, she’ll offer options and plans, and then you can fully trust her to just get on with it.  A gem to keep a hold of! I highly recommend Janet.”  – Judith W., San Mateo, CA

“Janet Flint is a wonder!  She can bring order out of chaos. After sizing up any crowded, unkempt closet or filing cabinet, she works independently to maximize space and to get rid of clutter. Using her organizing skills, she has made my small apartment more livable.  In addition, she can take her skills to the out-of-doors: my patio shade garden is now a tidy work of art thanks to Janet’s eye for color and texture.” – Ruby B., Oakland, CA