Your Sanctuary

We experience many kinds of stress during the day, some of it is stimulating and some just frays our nerves like long lines at the market or being left on hold forever.If your place has too many things out of place, or there is no place for too many things, it might not be that relaxing to hang out at home. Janet can help you describe and realize the residential or home office environment that will be most productive for you.

The houses we love most are the tidy ones. There might be a lot going in a house such as lots of kids and their friends or a collector of art or books might live there. The houses we love most have some clear surfaces that allow the eye to rest and the imagination to play there.

Janet will help you visualize what you want, set that goal and work toward it. You might be happy with a makeover and quarterly tune-ups, or want to build the habits and techniques for yourself.