Your Sanctuary

Your home is a sanctuary, oasis or retreat from the competing demands of everything else. We experience many kinds of stress during the day, some of them are stimulating and some just fray our nerves (like being left on hold forever). If it’s too much trouble to tidy up, or there are no places to […]

Move Management

Have a move coming up and not sure where to start? Hiring a move manager will leverage the experience of many successful moves. Take a breath and call an organizer. Janet will help you with comprehensive lists, timelines and priorities. Your move manager will break down the lists to “magic wand” items that she can […]

Garage Made Organized

Garage organizing is among our favorite projects. Sure we get dirty, but the before and after results are so impressive! Garage organizing is often a great place to start in whole house organizing. The garage typically holds things that are not used frequently, and the storage opportunities may relieve pressure on other areas of the […]

Your Mission: Clutter Control

When the clutter control mission is accomplished, you will be able to find those important items when you need them! Your phone or keys, the kid’s homework or a favorite kitchen tool may run and hide as you enter the room. Clutter control and  attractive, functional spaces can work together to improve efficiency and productivity. […]

Eco Friendly Options

What happens to your unwanted items? How do we repurpose and recycle sustainably? First we like to focus on what to keep, how to prioritize, sort and store. So Janet will help you decide if the item is a consignment or DIY sale candidate. You may want to ship things to friends or family. If […]

Digital Organizing

Get in front of your personal and financial paperwork and digitize it. Go digital and get a jump-start on your financial and personal paperwork. We will take some time together to make sure that the organization formats are your design and specifications, provide an outline and summary of what I accomplished for you. I’ll show […]

Inventory Organizing

Business inventories are a valuable asset that can raise or lower your overhead costs. Occasionally you may need an extra pair of hands and eyes to count and or reorganize inventory. If you have small business with products or a service business with job materials, they can get messy and out of control. Duplicates and […]

Design Follows Function

Create the rooms you always wanted, even if you’re not sure how to describe it. An infusion of color can refresh a room, and subtle changes in texture, reflectivity and lighting. Janet will come in with creative ideas for unused spaces. With increased functionality you need fewer objects in the home. Space design and furniture […]

Event Planning

Your next big event could be a lot easier with a Project Manager. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Janet will help you build a comprehensive list, get key events in the calendar and create a flow diagram so that key items that impact other items get done first. It begins with listening […]