Eco Friendly Options

What happens to your unwanted items? How do we repurpose and recycle sustainably? First we like to focus on what to keep, how to prioritize, sort and store. So Janet will help you decide if the item is a consignment or DIY sale candidate. You may want to ship things to friends or family. If you are really adventurous, you might consider an estate sale or yard sale. Some neighborhoods have no problem or posting items them as free items on a neighborhood list-serve and leaving them at the sidewalk or on your porch.

Janet tries to make the landfill burden as light as possible, so we guide any remaining treasures to local charities or creative reuse organizations. East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse takes artsy materials that are useful to teachers and artists and its a fun adventure to drift in there and see what kinds of materials the community has donated. Urban Ore takes hardware and furniture, from doors and doorknobs to the kitchen sink and cabinets.

For your convenience, I will take your unwanted items to a local charity.